Fern Plant


I have been propagating plants and displaying cut flowers for a while using just old wine glasses, jars and other recycled containers to hold my cuttings. But since I'm an Interior Designer by trade, I needed something more aesthetically pleasing and grown up looking. After some brainstorming, I started crafting propagation stations from wood.

I have been collecting and propagating plants for awhile now but quarantine has really made me love plants even more! After losing my job as an interior designer in July, I decided to start making propagation stations and air plant displays as a way to keep myself busy and help bring a little extra income into our home. I hope that I can help people find a unique way to display plants around their homes.

One goal that I have for all of my pieces is that I want them to be truly unique and one-of-a-kind. I never hide the imperfections in the wood, in fact, I use oil to finish my pieces and make their imperfections and unique characteristics stand out.

Since I started this journey a couple months ago, I've branched out from using only wood. Some of my newer designs include recycled blown glass and macrame. Please feel free to message me with questions.